Schedule of Meetings

MHAA meetings are held every other month for the General Membership.  Meetings are held in the homes of various members, usually with a festive pot luck, along with a scheduled informative talk or clinic about Miniature Horses.  Everyone goes home full with a satisfying meal and more horse sense.  


History of the Club


Back in November 1983, two Arizona Miniature Horse enthusiasts, Hermeen Peterson and Joan Solheim,

invited other Miniature Horse owners to a meeting for the purpose of starting a club.  Twenty charter members named the club the Miniature Horse Association of Arizona.  By January 1984, a constitution and by-laws had been drafted and accepted.


The club members started meeting regularly every month at various locations in members’ homes and in

selected restaurants.  Just like the horses that they feed, they like to eat too.


In 1988  the first Miniature Horse show, called The Arizona Touch of Class Miniature Horse Show, was put on and it has been running annually ever since, now in its 31st year.

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