2017 Officers                                   


Ron Souza            623-465-5034

                              E-mail: rjsminis@q.com

Vice Pres:    

JoAnne Souza      623-465-5034

                              E-mail:  rjsminis@q.com


Joan Solheim        602-577-7618

                              E-mail:  minihorsejoan@gmail.com


Jan Garbero          602-361-3551  (mobile ph)

                              E-mail:  jangarbero@yahoo.com    



Board of Directors


 Marcia Sizemore    480-471-3813                      

                                E-mail:  minioccasions@desertinet.com

Jimmie Sizemore    480-567-2067

                                E-mail:  minioccasions@desertinet.com

 Allan Solheim        602-432-2502

                                E-mail:  allans@ping.com

 Roz Sommerville    602-978-9411

                                E-mail:  lcochise@cox.net

 Mary Ronek           563-357-6146

                                E-mail:  fastrack@netins.net



                Board of Directors

Front Row: L to R—JoAnne Souza

Standing—Ron Souza, Diane Skalsky, Joan Solheim, Marcia Sizemore, Jan Garbero


“Call or email us if you have any questions about the Minis!”

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